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Advocacy Needed on Nursing Facility Rebase

In late February, Iowa House Republicans released details on their plans for key FY2020 budget increases.  House Republicans plan to appropriate $19 million dollars of general funds in the FY2020 budget for the nursing facility rebase. The $19 million, in addition to the $8.5 million from the QAAF rate increases, bring the total nursing facility rebase funding to $27.5 million, half of the overall $54.9 million shortfall!  This would be the largest general fund appropriation made to nursing facilities in decades (if not ever).   

LAI is excited the Iowa House recognizes the need for nursing facility rebase funding and commends them for making it a priority of their caucus. In their announcement of the planned key budget increases, they cite the number of concerns that they have heard in their districts about the fiscal condition of those providers and how that relates private pay residents and the increasing number of Medicaid residents. 

While the House announcement is an exciting first step there is still much work to be done.  The Iowa Senate has announced budget targets $48 million lower than the Iowa House. The Senate has not yet released exact plans and numbers for their key budget increases, but LAI believes the Senate’s planned rebase appropriation is lower than the $19 million proposal in the House.

All members are encouraged to contact their Legislators to urge support of the nursing facility rebase in an amount at least as high as the House proposal.