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DIA Clarifies Interim Revisit Expectations for LTC

On February 7, the OIG released a report  outlining insufficient confirmation of corrective actions by state survey agencies in a sample of states.  As a result, the OIG recommended that CMS improve guidance to state survey agencies regarding verification expectations for correction of deficiencies, improve its forms for the survey process, and work with state agencies to address any technical issues related to the survey system for maintaining documentation. 

One week later on February 15, DIA issued a notice clarifying expectations for interim revisits.  For interim revisits performed in lieu of an onsite visit, DIA must have evidence and documentation from the LTC provider that the Plan of Correction has been implemented.  This evidence and documentation could include staff training records, invoices for maintenance work performed, or other documentary evidence. 

CMS is requiring this type of evidence to certify compliance via an interim revisit.  Without this type of documentary evidence certifying implementation of the Plan of Correction, DIA would need to conduct an onsite revisit to certify compliance which could unnecessarily delay the determination of the compliance date and, in certain cases, result in an increased per-diem fine amount assessed by CMS.  

Please contact Liz Davidson ([email protected]), LAI’s Director of Clinical Services, with any questions.