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Multi-Sensory Stimulation Rooms for Persons with Dementia Webinar
Thursday, February 25, 2021, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST
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Sensory stimulation uses everyday objects to arouse one or more of the five senses with the goal of either engaging or calming an individual.  Multi-sensory stimulation rooms or spaces are designed for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia so they can safely explore and stimulate all five senses.  The room combines gentle light, movement, music, aromas and tactile objects designed to either calm or stimulate individuals, depending on each person’s needs.  Some ways in which the sensory room has shown to be a positive health promotion tool are through creating a safe place for the patient to go, encouraging a positive therapeutic relationship between staff and patient, providing a place to teach skills and conduct therapeutic activities, establishing a place where crisis de-escalation strategies can be implemented, and helping to promote self-care and recovery.  Activities involved in sensory stimulation are often linked to past interests and can help the person with dementia to build a connection with everyday life while reducing anxiety. 

There are a variety of activities and equipment that can be used in this setting and there are many ways the room can be set up to help individualize the sensory room to the person using it.  Often times, multi-sensory rooms are designed in collaboration with a vendor and the result is something that appears juvenile or possibly futuristic with the use of high-tech light displays and gadgets.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  The number one principle in designing a space is “less is more.”

In this session, participants will learn how sensory stimulation impacts the person living with dementia.  Participants will learn how to set up a room or a space in their community using best practice design principles.  This session will offer a “design on a dime” approach to a sensory room and demonstrate to providers how to set up a room or space of their own so they can further impact the quality of life of persons with dementia without relying on pharmacology.

Registration Fees

LeadingAge Iowa Member Facility   $70 (This webinar is included in a 4-part dementia series at a purchase price of $160.)
Prospective Member Facility          $105

Registration fee includes electronic handout, one connection to the live webinar, and instructions for receiving CE credit/attendance certificate.  A recording of this webinar is NOT included in the registration fee.

Registration for the Multi-Sensory Stimulation Rooms for Persons with Dementia webinar is now open.

Contact:   Dawn Balder
[email protected]