Iowa’s aging services providers are struggling to recruit and retain their staff at all levels of the aging continuum. With competition with other health sectors, lower rates of reimbursement from Medicaid hurting salaries and services, and low unemployment rates, aging services providers a comprehensive strategy to recruit and retain the best workers they can find.

To give members the tools they need to recruit and retain essential aging services professionals, LAI has created the Workforce Resource Center. The center provides tools, research, strategies, and best practices for LAI members to recruit and retain a quality workforce. Together, we will build a sustainable workforce that can care for Iowa’s aging.

Workforce Toolkit
  • CMS Tools
  • Required Employer Posters - Posters Employers are required to post on both the State and Federal level.
  • Workforce Crisis  Iowa has a workforce crisis. Learn about the impact on Iowa and providers.
  • Careers Discover a career in the aging services field. Post or find a job on the Careers site.
  • Recruitment – Find tools, resources, and best practices in recruiting staff and building the pipeline.
  • Retention – Tools and tips for keeping your staff for the long term. 
  • State Resources – Information about state resources that can assist in expanding the pipeline of workers.
  • Career Resources – Information for your staff on educational institutions, associations, scholarship opportunities, and licensing boards.
  • Turnover CalculatorFind useful tool for figuring out the cost of turnover, how many skill personal care attendants and mid-level managers in your community, and set up training career paths for direct care workers.
  • LAI On-Demand Training ResourcesFind training resources On-Demand to help develop and retain your workforce. 
  • Careers That Love You Back Posters - In partnership with LeadingAge Ohio, “Careers that Love You Back” is a poster campaign to promote elementary student awareness of careers in the aging services workforce sector.  The “Careers that Love You Back posters” will introduce students to careers in our important field as part of their career exploration and will promote awareness of the broad and rewarding careers available in the aging services field.
  • Third-Party Background Checks in Iowa – Iowa allows third-party background checks while you await completion of the DHS SING background check to help get potential employees working faster.