The series has prompted much needed discussion about all aspects of our process from the job posting to the interview, job offer to the 1st day. This conversation was KEY to get buy in from the leadership group! Specifically, we have added a little something to each step along the way which helps to our CULTURE shine through sooner rather than later. Example: 

  • Better flow for incoming callers asking about job opportunities
  • Personalized text confirmations for interviews WITH a map, name of who they are meeting, date and time
  • Tour of facility to "mingle" with staff and residents before the interview
  • WELCOME to the team/1st day checklist - the devil is in the details
  • Review on our on floor training plan(s)

Its a commitment well worth the time! The series prompts good questions/facilitation of "to do's" which in turn your leadership team can maneuver. Do the work! It will make a difference.

~From Selena S. in IN

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell you about our experience so far.

What have you gotten out of the series?

More than anything, it has given us a chance to clearly see where we are as organization and set goals on how to improve. Sometimes our industry is very fast-paced, and it’s hard to take those moments for self-reflection, but this gave us the opportunity to do just that. It got our entire team on the same page to make decreasing our turnover a priority, showed everyone the role they play within that, and gave us a chance to set realistic and achievable goals to address it.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about signing up for the series?

I think this series was definitely worth the investment. As an industry, we need to realize that recruitment and retention is only going to continue to be more difficult and it’s important to be proactive early on. It’s great to hear what other people are doing and share ideas together, and also know that you are not alone in the issues you face.

~From Burgundy in IL

The series gave me the exact direction I needed to get a project off the ground that I have been working on for the past 6 months. You showed us how to lay out a plan to keep staff enthused. With almost 300 staff, I cannot do it alone. So, I took the video you shared Johnny the Bagger, and showed it to our management staff at their monthly meeting.  Afterwards I asked managers what part of the video they could relate to? Who is the Johnny on their team?   Does anyone have a story similar to Johnny’s? I thought I had failed since there was little response, but my boss told me after I left, the presentation must have stirred something. They had the best management team meeting they had in a long time! She said managers opened up, shared issues, discussed solutions and talked more to each other than they had in quite some time. They even talked about silos and how they could work better to support our customers.

My goal was to create enthusiasm in their teams and ultimately to increase retention. Since that presentation, managers are interested in seeing more interactive tools that can help support cohesive culture building from customer service, critical thinking, process improvement, teamwork, communication… and the list goes on.  The  good news is, they are excited and implementing culture building at their department meetings already this month. I couldn’t be happier J 

You made it all sound so easy, and after I left the all-day conference, ideas were racing in my head. I organized them, showed my boss how we could implement the customer service video and it took off! Thank you for caring about those who care so much for others, you made a difference in me that day, and I passed it on at our facility! I learned if I’m enthusiastic, and it comes from the heart, they will participate and stay to be part of it!

~Sheila S. in WI