2022 Election Resources

As not-for-profits, you play an important role in helping the people you serve exercise their rights as citizens during an election year. In this role, there are many ways in which a non-profit may or may not engage in the upcoming 2022 General Election. With absentee voting set to begin October 9 and the general election on November 8, see below for key information that your organization needs to be aware of, including some recent changes to Iowa election laws.  

Not-for-Profit Don’ts  

501(c)(3) organizations must follow specific guidelines set forth by the IRS during election years. Understanding the basic principles of staying non-partisan during election years should give you confidence while assisting residents and staff exercise their right to vote. Maintaining a non-partisan position as a not-for-profit organization means your organization cannot: 

  • Endorse a candidate 

  • Rate candidates according to their positions on issues concerning your organization 

  • Provide any candidate access to your organization’s resources that is not granted to ALL candidates equally 

  • Contribute money to a candidate’s campaign 

Not-for-Profit Dos 

Alternatively, there are many other ways a not-for-profit organization can participate in the electoral process. A not-for-profit organization can: 

  • Register voters 

  • Use the organization’s resources to encourage people to vote 

  • Help educate voters on the election and voting process 

  • Provide (unbiased) transportation for voters to and from polling places 

  • Volunteer your organization’s facilities as a polling place 

  • Invite candidates to visit your organization for a tour, or a social event (Must invite all candidates to remain non-partisan) 

  • Host non-partisan candidate forums to help residents and staff get to know the candidates 

Iowa Voter Law Changes 

There have been some recent changes to the voting process following new laws passed by the Iowa state legislature. Some of these changes include: 

  • Due to recent redistricting, make sure to double check your voting location as it may have changed. 

  • A new voting law prohibits Secretary of State Paul Pate from mailing absentee ballot application forms without legislative approval. Because of this, voters will have to request their own ballot either online or via paper form. 

  • Absentee ballot requests must be received by 5 pm at least 15 days before the election (Monday, October 24th). 

  • Voting may occur from October 19th through November 8th, and all absentee ballots must arrive at the County Auditor’s office by 8 p.m. on Election Day. 

  • Voters can no longer have a friend or neighbor drop off their ballots. Only the voter, a housemate, immediate family member or caregiver can deliver a ballot (by mail or direct delivery) to the County Auditor’s office. Iowans with disabilities have the option to designate a “delivery agent” outside of their family or household. Directions and rules for designating someone to return your ballot are included in the official instructions included with your mailed ballot. 

  • Iowa now has a voter ID requirement. Any registered voter who does not have a valid driver's license or non-operator's ID will be issued a Voter ID Card for free, automatically, in the mail. If you need to replace your Voter ID Card, you can request a replacement by contacting your County Auditor's office 

Though there have been no recent changes to Iowa’s voter registration process, here are some quick reminders: 

  • Iowa allows same-day voter registration. 

  • To register, you must provide both proof of ID and proof of residence. Proofs of ID include Iowa driver’s license, U.S. passport, student ID, or out-of-state driver’s license. 

  • If your photo ID does not have your current address, you must bring updated proof of address (i.e. utility bill or paycheck). 

Important Election Dates 

October 9th 
First Day of Absentee Voting 
October 24th 
Pre-Registration deadline, deadline to request absentee ballot be mailed 
November 5th 
Auditor’s Offices open for Absentee Voting 
November 7th 
Absentee Voting in-person deadline 
November 8th 
General Election Day; Absentee ballot receipt deadline 


Helpful Links 

Voting is one of the most important parts of civic engagement. The toolkit below is designed to not only help your constituents strengthen their voices in Des Moines and Washington, D.C., but to help your organization navigate the 2022 General Election as a non-profit. And don’t forget – we are here to help. Give us a call at (515) 440-4630, or email Samantha Heibel at [email protected] 

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