Public Policy Positions 

LAI is the thought leader on policies that will shape aging and aging services in Iowa. LAI is advocating for policies that remove barriers to care, develop new services, improve reimbursement, plan for the future, and make this country a better place to grow old. LAI regularly meet with lawmakers to educate them on the policy issues that impact our provider organizations, their employees, and the residents and families they serve.

Take a look at our top policy positions below. The following are issues that will define the future of aging services in Iowa.

LTSS Financing

LAI believes America needs a fairer and more rational financing system to ensure access to quality long-term services and supports (LTSS) for everyone who needs these services.

An LTSS financing system that promotes consumer choice and flexibility will stimulate and reward innovation, quality improvement, and the development of products and services consumers want and need.




Iowa is currently in the midst of a workforce crisis. With low levels of unemployment, Iowa’s aging service providers are struggling to find quality workers to care for Iowa’s aging. From competition with other health providers, reimbursement rates not keeping up with the cost of care from government entities, the impending wave of Iowan’s over the age of 65, a lack of public awareness about a career in aging services, or a lack of emphasis with long-term care curriculum in nursing and other educational institutions, are all considerable barriers to providers on recruiting and retaining the aging services workforce.

Below are some tools and information to help providers identify the issues facing them in Iowa and solutions to solving their own workforce crisis. 



Future of Aging Services

Iowa is at a cross roads. With Iowa’s aging population getting larger every year, creating a collaborative vision for the future of aging and aging services is essential. All the key players must be on the same page in order for all Iowans to age with dignity in the state of Iowa.

In 2018, LAI held a Summit with dozens of stakeholders to answer the question, “What would it look like if Iowa’s aging services were the best in the world by 2030?”

The collective answers to that question are detailed in the following report drafted by LAI: