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Let’s get right to it. Applying for the 2020 LeadingAge Iowa Leadership Academy will be a game changer for you or your teammates! The leadership program has been redesigned and participating in this Academy will be a transformative experience. Modeled after the National LeadingAge Leadership Academy, fellows will enjoy a unique experience and connect with other leaders across the state. Matt Garcia and I have been fortunate enough to attend the LeadingAge National Leadership Academy. Matt also served as a coach for the National Academy, and I will be serving as a coach starting this year. We also both learned a lot this summer during LeadingAge’s Leadership Educator Program. We look forward to sharing what we have learned not only from LeadingAge but also from the unique experiences we bring from the past 20 years of health care experience we bring.

Who should apply? Anyone wanting to further develop as a leader. We will dive into what makes each of us authentic leaders. If you or a teammate is looking for an opportunity to uncover your true leadership potential, this program is for you.

I’ve attended Emerge in the past, should I apply again? The redesigned program will offer a fresh perspective on leadership development. You are certainly welcome to apply even if you participated in Emerge in the past.

If you would like to learn more about the Academy, please feel free to contact Matt Garcia or me. We are really looking forward to guiding you on this incredible journey.

Julie Thorson
Friendship Haven

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 Contact LeadingAge Iowa at 515.440.4630 with any questions