CMS Revises Director of Food and Nutrition Services Requirements

In the FY 2023 SNF PPS Final Rule (page 47597), CMS announced that they are finalizing a proposal to revise the existing qualification requirements for the Director of Food and Nutrition Services.  Currently, according to F801, the Director of Food and Nutrition Services must meet specific educational requirements or hold certain certifications. CMS is revising the requirement to provide that those individuals with several years of experience in performing this specific role, may continue to do so. Specifically, CMS added that individuals with two or more years of experience in the position and who have completed a minimum course of study in food safety that includes topics integral to managing dietary operations, such as foodborne illness, sanitation procedures, food purchasing/receiving, etc. can continue to qualify for this position. 

During the SNF Open Door Forum call today, August 4, CMS indicated that this rule will provide a one-year extension to be in compliance.  For example, if you have a Food Service Director that has one year of experience today, as long as the Director has the required education (such as additional certifications in ServSafe) by October 1, 2023, the provider will be in compliance with the rule.