Emerge Leadership Academy Testimonials

I took a plethora of useful information away with me.  I look forward to utilizing the things that I learned into my daily practice.


What I liked best is the interaction between Fellows, Mentors, and Instructors and the trust and support of everyone who attended.


The Emerge class has accomplished exactly what I identified as my goal at the very first leadership summit – increase my confidence in my leadership skills.


This program is an invaluable program and the tools I have learned provided me with some confidence to become an effective health care leader.


I liked the variety of activities and listening to the speakers.  I loved getting to know others and building relationships.  I loved learning my strengths and talking about them and learning from others.


The takeaways...namely the worksheets that were provided to use as needed when I get home; I also received great feedback and guidance from my mentor.


Interaction between Fellows, Mentors, and Instructors and the trust and support of every one who attended.


I love the focus on strengths and how they fit into the workplace instead of trying to improve weaknesses.  I love the real life situations/discussions.


What I liked best was the networking, time of reflection, touring facilities, meeting new leaders, sharing resources, and receiving motivational books to read!


I thought that the emerge training overall was an amazing experience.  I am extremely grateful to my company, LeadingAge Iowa, and BlueOpal for allowing me to go through this.  I learned so much about leadership and my own personal leadership styles and capacity.  THANK YOU!!


What I liked best was the building of relationships with peers, mentors and facilitators.