Working in aging services is not simply a job, but a call to service. Helping care for Iowa’s elderly and disabled is an honorable profession that needs quality workers. Building the pipeline and creating an appealing workplace requires time and energy. 

Below you will find tools and resources to help you bridge the gap and help compete for current or future health care workers in your area.

Growing the Pipeline 

In order to care for Iowa’s older adults, LAI members needs quality workers. With low unemployment, Providers need to look at innovative ways to expand the pipeline of workers flowing onto their campus. Learn of different areas you can find your future workforce.

Changing the Narrative – Marketing the Job 

Having trouble connecting with different groups? Don’t know how to make a career in aging services seem appealing? Caregiving is a noble profession that provides a meaningful career. Successfully marketing a service oriented profession is essential to attracting the talent you need.

Recruitment Best Practices

Why reinvent the wheel? Trying to recruit new employees is a challenge throughout the state and nation. Learning the innovative techniques to attracting a quality workforce will give you the competitive edge to hiring a full and ready staff.