An online series that will benefit you and your entire team moving forward.

The Stability Zone is a go-at-your-own-pace, online program that is brimming with my very best stress-busting advice! Just like Fearless in the Face of Crisis, this course contains quick, easy-to-implement actions in bite-sized videos. The Stability Zone is the main course, the pièce de résistance, to get leaders full of stress-free hacks and JOY, delicious joy! One of the best parts of The Stability Zone is that leaders can share this joy by teaching their teams how to banish their stress for good too!

What comes with The Stability Zone?

  • Lifetime access to The Stability Zone online course and all the stress-busting hacks!
  • 6.75 total NAB and SHRM continuing education credits for completion of The Stability Zone.
  • $67 savings on our other beloved online course, Fearless in the Face of Crisis! We truly want leaders to have it all, so we’re offering our other beloved course for just $180. It’s available exclusively on the checkout page for The Stability Zone.

What’s the Curriculum?

Through quick videos, that total 6 hours of content, we will walk attendees through the tried-and-true remedies to manage and banish stress, for good. The videos are self-directed and can be watched anytime, anywhere! And all attendees have lifetime access so they can go back and re-watch content whenever they want! There is nothing like this available to leaders in healthcare!

Module 1: Getting Started

  • The first steps of any journey are often the hardest. This module focuses on why and how you should take those steps away from a life of busyness, away from the SOC (stress, overwhelm, chaos) of it all, and towards a place that anchors you, allowing more joy, peace, and calm in.

Module 2: Burnout be Gone!

  • Avoiding burnout is a personal journey. In this module, you will learn how by tuning in to your emotions and taking small steps, in a manner that works for you, to help you steer clear of burnout and exhaustion for good.

Module 3: Looking Back

  • We can’t help it; we are shaped by our past experiences. In this module, you will learn how to address some of those old hurts, traumas, and failures, so they don’t continue to impact your health and wellness in the here, now, and beyond.

Module 4: Looking Forward

  • The lens through which you see the world really matters. This module focuses on how embracing life’s ups and downs with an attitude of gratitude, fascination, and humor can whittle away at the stress, overwhelm, and anxiety you feel.

Module 5: Your Environment of Possibility

  • Your personal spaces are constantly and unconsciously influencing you. This module focuses on how filling those places in which you dwell with joy, interest, order, and calm can maximize the peace you feel everyday.

Module 6: Sharing the Spark with Others

  • This lifestyle is addictive and contagious. After getting there yourself, you will want to teach your team members how to get to The Stability Zone too! This module shows you how to do that, with a focus on simplicity and sustainability as the keys to success.

Our Hopes for This One-of-a-kind Course

We want to make this information easy for attendees to translate into action. That’s why each lesson was created around actions that can be put into play immediately for immediate stress reduction! Plus, the content can be taught to teams to make a huge impact on the health and sanity of the whole unit—gosh, even the whole organization! Imagine that?!

We want leaders to take this challenging time and turn it into an opportunity to learn life skills they can always rely on to be their healthiest—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally! We believe they can make a different life for themselves, one of more joy and less stress, and we want them to believe in themselves by:

  • Watching short videos on their own schedule
  • Completing worksheets for each of the 6 modules
  • Enjoying bonus content for deeper learning
  • Teaching teams how to get and stay healthy too!


Pricing for the entire program, including handouts, and lifetime access is $197.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who leads! Leaders, managers, supervisors from the frontline to the C-Suite will benefit from this comprehensive and stress-busting program!

Flexibility in Delivery

Providers can watch content on their own time, at their own pace! Online programming makes this a user-friendly experience for all learners.

Drive Faculty

Denise Boudreau, MHA, LNHA

Registration Link

This link is where you can learn about the course and click to buy! Follow this link to a landing page that shares information about the program and includes a “Register Now” button.