In 2020, LAI supported legislation that would allow third party vendors to do preliminary checks of prospective employees and students for health facilities while providers await a response from the Iowa Department of Health (DHS) and the SING system. If a prospective employee passes an initial background check from one of the approved third-party companies, they are considered provisionally approved. Iowa law and administrative code states that the provisionally approved employee may work until such time as the required record check through SING and evaluation by the department of human services, as applicable, are completed.  

The items that would disqualify an individual from working as provisionally approved is if an employee has been convicted a felony under certain Iowa Codes (see 481-50.9(3)(e)(4)) or there is a record of founded child abuse or dependent adult abuse. If neither of those issues arise during the preliminary third-party check, they should be able to work provisionally.   

DIA’s website provides information related to the process and provides a list of vetted and approved third-party background check vendors.

If any LAI members would like further guidance related to this process, please contact Matt Blake at LAI.